custom psu cables reddit They make my computer look a lot better than it did previously. It's still not the most tidy looking at the back, so I think some electrical tape or shrink wrap might make it look better. https://mainframecustom. Pexon PCs custom USB, Audio and PC / PSU Cables. Anyone have any recommended custom power supply cables for EVGA 3090? Custom sleeved cables for thermaltake psu. (24-pin, EPS12V and PCIe only) SFX Type 4 24-pin. 5 out of 5 stars. Oct 05, 2020 · I swap out the PCI-E power cables. Model #: black-mix-4kit. • 240GB Solid State Drive. 15 Item (s) Sort By Position Rating Name Price Set Descending Direction. 99 Hey guys, so I've recently(ish) sleeved the 8+4 pin cpu cables for my rm850x psu. Unfortunately, I'm waiting on the rest of my sleeving supplies to ship so I can't just do the ones from the evga psu yet. Custom PSU Cable Extension. the only way to get <$200 is if you only purchases specific cables and not a full set. Warranty: probably not. Model #: HYMAVIN-1001. Where are these reports of custom cables causing failures? I haven't seen many or any on reddit. $ 10. This is something I'm interested in as the materials are all in stock, I have plenty of free time on my hands (thanks pandemic), and all aftermarket cable kits (CableMod . May 28, 2012 · For this reason cables cannot be switched from PSU to PSU unless it is the same PSU or PSU model family. Sorry, we don . This helps clean up one of the more problematic cables in the M1. Due to the variety of power supplies and the stock power cables provided, these EVGA single power supply cables . In regards to 4) to offer suitable cable kits we would like to work with you guys to find out what cable length each cable type should have and which cable types should be in . Custom Sleeved ASUS® Power Supply Cable – 6pin + 6pin PCI-E. Each cable is made with a color pattern chosen by you, hand crafted by us! Lengths for your cables are determined by us based on your PC case, PSU, Motherboard, and GPU. View as: Grid List. 99 Flexo® PET expandable sleeving is readily used for cable management in the automotive, computer, industrial, scuba, electronics, A/V industries, and the military. There were some people on Etzy doing them too but you need to have measurements and no idea on quality, saw a few posts about them on the reddit SFF subs though. Reason: Upgraded. Condition: Perfect - not a hint of trouble ever! Location: Northcliff, Joburg. 15. Title says it all what places do you guys recommend to buy custom sleeved cables? 2018. 58 months ago. Thanks! Handmade PSU Cables - Perfect for SFF. Is it safe to use these custom cables on any PSU or will I destroy my PC like that? Is this post only referring to SATA cables or could I possibly destroy my . Best Company to Get Custom Sleeved Cables From? NicoMan2240. Before i build in a case, even tho i dont do custom loops, . I am looking into custom ordering cables but I need some inspiration on cable lengths and management of those in the case. PSlate sells custom cables. • 500 Watt PSU. Yes, we support customizing, please contact me. 27 custom length options available for the perfect fit for your system. 2. Choose Options. Most diverse custom options available to make the cables your own. net/t/1420796/reposi. You should look for extension cables. Welcome to pslate customs! We make custom length power supply cables, with a focus on small form factor computers. Custom cable and wire from Galaxy can be supplied with many different enhancement options based upon the desired use and functionality of the custom wire or cable. Custom Sleeved ASUS® Power Supply Cable – 6pin + 8pin PCI-E. (NEW) Top quality custom tailor-made power supply unit full modular cable kits for PC enthusiast and modder from $59. Design Modular Design Extension. 1 and the cables are perfect. 5 out of 5 stars 2,994 1 offer from £26. Corsair® Power Supply Cables, Full Length Custom Power Supply Cables. A. 10. arrow-left. mainframecustom. . Featuring a genuine, handmade crafting process, live designer, and a myriad of color options, we continue to push the aesthetic boundaries of custom sleeved PSU cables. This was my first time ordering custom cables. If you're looking to buy from one of the leading cable sleeving companies, a simple 24 pin power supply cable could cost you anywhere between . Modders have had to either do it themselves, spending hours upon hours sleeving their power supply cables individually, or spend hundreds of dollars on expensive cable sleeving ser Custom Sleeved PCIE Modular Cable for NVIDIA RTX 30 Series Mini 12 Pin. $149. Collection: Of course. mikemd1. 5 out of 5 stars 1,057 $19. Item #: 9SIAJ00C0P8737. 00. Performance-Pcs. 7 Ghz. So I messed up the first time ordering my parts. If i have a PSU with cable capacitors and i would make my own custom cables . I only got the 3 cables, mainboard power and 2 x PCI-E cables ramped the price up too much. Custom Sleeved Corsair® Power Supply Cable – 6pin + 8pin PCI-E. my cables look like spaghetti) so I decided to try and get . The best custom PC cables are also found here. Get it as soon as Fri, Jul 9. · 3y Lian Li 011 XL (prepped for watercooling, wating for GPU block) the likelihood of you finding <$200 custom PSU cables is slim. 0 speeds of 5Gbit . All input would be helpful. I had heard a lot about Ensourced cables and I have to say they live up to their reputation. So, with money I save up, and Christmas and such, I'm planning on ordering parts and making my PC really "mine. The only thing i noticed is that several of the fans had not only the male cables that. Custom Sleeved EVGA® Power Supply Cable - 14-pin PCIE (6 + 8pin) $52. Is there any website that sells custom cables, similar to cablemod, . They look very good and are way cheaper than custom PSU cables. Cable sleeving takes a LOT of time when you want to do it for all of your cables. Professional Tailor Made Seasonic Custom Sleeved Modular Cable Kit. EVGA single power supply cables are designed to replace missing or lost cables for a limited number of EVGA modular or semi-modular power supply models, and are officially certified only to work on a limited number of EVGA power supplies, which can be found on the compatibility tab. I needed extra long cables to properly route them in my case otherwise it would not look that great. (and sometimes even this is not true) Each PSU maker lists or will make available the pinout if asked or looked on their site. audiomicro. I have never purchased custom cables before so I'm a little lost. com/CREDITS:Audio file(s) provided by http://www. They were easy to install and manage (easier than the stock PSU cables). 4. Price: R 1,050. Is there really any point to get sleeved PSU cables other than aesthetics? . · 9m. 5 out of 5 stars 160 1 offer from $20. • Improved High-Density Triple Weave Sleeve Design • Multiple Corsair PSU compatibility Corsair PSU Compatibility • AXI Platinum Series - 1200/860/760 Antec Power Supply Sleeved Cable /24pin ATX /4+4pin EPS /6+2pin PCI-E PSU Extension Cable Kit 30cm Length with Combs, Black Gray(11. Ray does some amazing work and these cables arrived much before the estimated shipping date. Hello all! So I have a Core 500 SFF build, and I love it. 8inch/30cm) 4. I shelled out close to $90 on custom sleeved extensions from a guy in . Cables for the NR200 are available in outside PSU fan orientation only. $99. Asiahorse 18AWG PSU Cable Extension Sleeved Custom Power Supply Braided with Combs kit for ATX CPU GPU Modular Power Supply Unit /1x24 P/1x8P(4+4) CPU/2x8P(6+2)GPU/30CM 11. lynda. Was too hasty. 99 Purchased item: customized corsair full modular psu cables sleeved silver plated cables MOD. 7. EC300-24P-BK - DEEPCOOL is dedicated to provide the best Laptop Cooler,CPU coolers, Computer Chassis and PC Power Supply. $ 17. Ship within 1 or 2 days ONLY! Funtin Custom Mod Sleeved Cables, Black Yellow Gray PSU Cable Extension PC Kit, 18AWG 24 Pin ATX / 8 (4+4) Pin EPS / 8 (6+2) Pin PCI-E Power Supply Cable with Combs, 30CM. PPCS Custom Uni-sleeved Cables - Premium Single Braided Cables - Cables. At the time, it was a fancy USB port limited to USB 3. Enter Plasma. The cables look and feel great. $19. Forever built with passion and freely designed by all, we power builders’ creativities with an unparalleled collection of custom PC cables. com/product-category/custom-pc-cables/full-length . This finally arrived after 108 days. $ 26. Custom Sleeved PSU Cables. 99 – $ 39. • NVIDIA GT1030 2GB VGA. I'm building my first custom loop in my evga collectors build and plan to swap in an evga 1000w g2. • Coolermaster Masterbox K501L – Red. ASUS® Power Supply Cables, Custom PC Cables, Full Length Custom Power Supply Cables. Packaging: Can find a box. Made in the U. Premium Power Supply Modular Cables DIY Premade Electrical Wires Kit. S. INTEL 10TH GEN BUDGET GAMING PC. Jan 24, 2020 · Item: Corsair HX 1050 80+ Gold PSU Age: At least 7 years. Teleios premium cable sleeve with 23+ beautifully saturated colors available. resistant) Extensions (Molex/SATA, and can made in custom braids, and Budget Cables ), Full PSU Cables (Inline SATA/Molex Chain supported) Anything that has an available, verified pinouut. 23. Type 4 PSU cables. 13 votes, 17 comments. 13. Be careful, make sure whatever you buy is compatible with your PSU, . I was looking into creating custom PCIe cables, mostly for mining which would put significant more stress on the PCI wires, but I guess this also applies to gamers using RTX 3090, 3080, etc. MDPC-X PET sleeve, 4mm PET Wire, Raw silver colored wire, 18 AWG wire + 16 AWG Wire (special PTFE type that is temp. Asiahorse 18AWG PSU Cable Extension Sleeved Custom Power Supply Braided with Combs kit for ATX CPU GPU Modular Power Supply Unit /1x24 P/1x8P (4+4) CPU/2x8P (6+2)GPU/30CM 11. overclock. From start to finish, all assembly work of M1 Custom Full Length Power Supply Cables are done right here in the USA by highly skilled craftsman. Make a copy to use it yourself. 99. Custom Sleeved ASUS® Power Supply Cable – 8pin+8pin+8pin PCI-E. AFAIK there are no pre-sleeved cable sets for the OCZ PSU. Link: HX Series™ HX1050 Power Supply — 1050 Watt 80 PLUS® Gold Certified . Each custom sleeved cable also uses our quality MOD-ONE connectors which are available in black or white. All MOD-ONE custom MDPC-X sleeved PC power supply cables and extensions use Molex branded ATX terminals. 99 $ 19 . The 3090 starts right up in the new system! IT WAS THE POWER CABLE. Make a copy. (not including AX1200) Any AX Gold. • INTEL i3 10105F 3. • 8GB DDR4 2666Mhz. I was using custom cables from cablemod and I got the longest ones they made (900mm although now they have 1000mm). 99 $14. Custom psu cables for gpu Build Upgrade Hi I recently got a 3080ti ordered (thank the gods) and I need new psu cables mostly because of having lost the original bag of cables for my RMx 750. Premium Individually Sleeved PSU Cables · Complete Your Custom PC Build · Superior Flexible Sleeved Cables · Modular Interlocking Cable Combs · Consistent, Steady . While it is normally our policy to supply continuous lengths . 2018. I bought a custom tailored set from MODDIY. Definitely gonna try custom braiding when i get a high quality modular psu Cable extensions are another option. Seasonic Single Sleeved Power Supply Modular Cables Full Set - Black / UV Blue. This cable comes sleeved in a color pattern of your choice! Design your own unique pattern above! Our 24 pin cables are made in a unique way that is tailored for the NR200. Custom Length cables are made by hand from scratch while 20″, 26″, and 32″ are hand assembled. Design your cables with my Cable Design Worksheet. 99 with Free Shipping Worldwide! Our premium cables are handcrafted by our most experienced cable engineers with the utmost attention and care. PSU CABLE COMPATIBILITY. 22. but its was mostly the SATA and 24 pin for me that were impossible to deal with. Note, his cables ship from China so be prepared for a bit of a wait. One end connects to the stock PSU cables, the other end to the . 9. Ensourced Custom Accessories. Hey guys, so I've recently(ish) sleeved the 8+4 pin cpu cables for my rm850x psu. Sep 11, 2013 · Corsair's solution to customized cables is quite simple and will take care of what a very large majority of user's want. MOD-ONE connectors are also compatible with the Molex® brand terminal extractor tool as well as the aftermarket versions. Apr 17, 2020 · There were some people on Etzy doing them too but you need to have measurements and no idea on quality, saw a few posts about them on the reddit SFF subs though. I wish to have sleeved cables for my thermaltake toughpower grand 650w rgb. 99 $79. This sleeving also works great around the home and office, for PC cable management or TV cables in your home theater. Shipping: Sure. Join me as I take on the 1080 Ti power cables and share a few tips and tricks along the way! PSU Pin-out Repositry: http://www. Mod your learning: http://www. HYMAVIN PSU Sleeved Cable PSU Extension cable 16AWG White Braided ATX EPS PCI-E Extension Cable Kit with Combs for CPU GPU Power Supply Unit 30CM,4 + 4 pin, 6 pin, 6 + 2 pin, 24 pin ATX extensi,White, Limited time offer, ends 09/30. Custom and personalized orders. Sep 15, 2008 · I recentley purchased a RAIDMAX SMILODON ATX-612WB530P. SKU: n/a. All of our PC Cable Sleeving materials have been thoroughly tested to provide the best possible quality and satisfaction. Click here ** ATX 24PIN CABLE SOLD SEPARATELY** Features • RED – Individually Sleeved Modular Cables • Improved flexibility for ease of use and installation. Full range of MDPC-X (MDPC) Sleeving, Sleeving Tools, Crimpers, PSU Connectors, PSU Terminals / crimps and wire Custom Length cables are made by hand from scratch while 20″, 26″, and 32″ are hand assembled. Dell Vostro 3500 | Intel Core I5 1135G7 | 8GB | 256GB SSD | 15. $21. I have a few questions regarding full custom cables vs doing the extensions. Compare. It comes standard with 4 fans and a 530 modular PSU. I'm living in singapore. (same as others, but shorter) 24-pin for AX only. Type 3. There is a a seller on Etsy named DreamBigRay who is also very good. The sleeve is melted over the terminals in our custom length cables. Type 4. Dec 19, 2014 · Premium Cables Turn PC Systems Into Works of Art (December 19, 2014) – For years, outfitting a PC with custom cables has been a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. This means our custom cables are manufactured to very high standards well above what is typically found with mass-produced “crimp over sleeve” style cables. Gift wrapping and packaging. Also using a modular PSU gives you the ability to easily make custom length cables by making your own. 8Inch (Black Mix) Color: Black & Grey. The only problem i have is that the PSU only came with enough cables to hook 3 of the fans up. I'm looking into doing custom sleeving for my PSU cables because of how costly it is to find them already done with exactly the right cables you … 10 votes, 12 comments. Custom Sleeved Corsair® Power Supply Cable - 14-pin PCIE (6 + 8pin) $52. Totally safe to use as long as you follow our compatibility chart, or using the configurator you select your exact make/model of PSU. com/awesomesauceMainframe Customs: http://www. attachment Best selection of PC cable sleeving supplies at the lowest price. com Uni-sleeved Power Supply Adapter Cable Series. 2017. 8Inch (White) Limited time offer, ends 10/05 Custom Length cables are made by hand from scratch while 20″, 26″, and 32″ are hand assembled. ASUS® Power Supply Cables, Full Length Custom Power Supply Cables. You can have these custom ordered from places like moddiy or worldwide pc sleeving and services . attachment Oct 23, 2018 · Item: 1x Corsair HX1000i 1000W PSU Platinum Age: About 8 months Price: R1699 each Warranty: Remainder of warranty Packaging: Yes, original Condition: Perfect Location: Johannesburg/Pretoria Reason: No longer needed Shipping: Yes (Cost and Risk on you) Collection: Sure Link: Corsair HX1000i. 99 – $ 14. Handcrafted cables designed to inspire. Funtin Custom Mod Sleeved Cables, White PSU Cable Extension PC Kit, 18AWG 24 Pin ATX / 8 (4+4) Pin EPS / 8 (6+2) Pin PCI-E Power Supply Cable with Combs, 30CM 4. for unmatched quality. Create your own unique style. The only issue? The stock PSU cables are way too long. Professional Tailor Made SilverStone Custom Sleeved Modular Cable Kit. nicking44. 1. Add to Wishlist. level 1. Define your PC build and shop custom paracord sleeved 24 Pin power supply cables. Apple introduced USB-C to its user base with the retina 12-inch MacBook. • Biostar H410 Motherboard. INTEL Gaming PC South Africa. Color: White. 6″ FHD (1920×1080) | Win 10 Pro + HP MFP 137FNW (Open Box) R19,089. Does anybody know if there are custom psu cables that provide the white plastic connectors such as the cables from Asus's ROG Strix 850G . 99. A prototyper application which allows you to see what different coloured PC cable sleeving will look like. The main PSU cable is to short in order to have the PSU fan pointing inwards, I have the Tempered Glass version. Select Options. If your cable management is good, an extreme custom liquid cooling setup can take attention away from your cables . 6 out of 5 stars. Check stock. . Got it installed and everything is working fine. Mar 12, 2020 · 4) On top of the custom cables we plan to make cable kits for popular PSU models & SFF cases with our channel network such as Amazon, Caseking, PC CASE GEAR and others. you are either going to be buying a premium or doing it yourself. If wires are overloaded or connection is not perfect at some point, the wire would catch fire (I seen a few). 11. 3. SoloSleeving was founded on the concept of providing truly unique PC cables. Ryan Jun 5, 2021. • All Black Heat-Shrinks. 8. · 1y. diego30s. The only issue is they create extra mm's of cable that need to be cable managed, but they cost you like $30 to $40 so it's well worth it. Extensions . 343. $1. COOCAT Custom Mod Sleeved Cable, White Cable Extension PC Kit, 18AWG 24Pin ATX / 8 (4+4) Pin EPS / 8 (6+2) Pin PCI-E Power Supply PSU Cable with Combs, 30CM 4. They plug from your existing cables into the components. Jan 20, 2021 · I've been watching a lot of videos lately about how "easy" it is to create your own custom PSU cables and sleeve them yourself (with patience and the right tools/materials). Amazing cables! I ordered unsleeved black cables for the nCASE M1 v6. 5. " I want it to look nice (for once. 2020. Each of the 12 upper wires on the cable is shorter than the previous, creating a curve from right to . Just pick the corresponding kit for your power supply, make sure you get . Show 4 8 12 15 20 30 80 All per page. 11/1/2020. Custom Sleeved Silverstone® Power Supply Cable - 16-pin PCIE (2 x 8pin) $63. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Item #: 9SIATURD3K3983. Galaxy offers custom wire and cable with enhancement options that include: strength members, water blocking, fillers, rods, and tubes/breather tubes. At least cable extensions if not a nicer PSU with all black cables :( . Posted by Reddit user u/ub3rb3ck here. How to Create PERFECT Custom Cables! · Transform Your Cheap PC For $30 · Mix - BPS Customs · RGB PSU Cables! · How to cable manage your PC like a . custom psu cables reddit